Just how far can a Toyota take you? One Toyota customer proved just how this manufacturer goes the distance – literally. Victor Sheppard has put over 1 million miles on his 2007 Toyota Tundra and was so satisfied he continued driving it.

Since purchasing his Tundra, Victor has been the only owner and has put an average of 125,000 miles a year on the odometer, as his job regularly had him driving long-haul trips from his home to North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia. 

For Toyota’s production engineers and team members, the truck’s longevity offers invaluable insight for future products. The disassembly process is expected to take months as engineers examine each part of the engine, chassis, body, and other components. With the knowledge gained, the engineers will apply their findings to future trucks.




As for Victor, Toyota has swapped out his 2007 truck for a brand-new 2016 Tundra!

“I believed [reaching a million miles] wouldn’t be a problem,” said Sheppard. “These trucks are safe and dependable. I think, if you see a Toyota on the side of the road, it might be a scam because they just don’t break down very often.”



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