Those attending the Vancouver International Auto Show this month will be the first in Canada to experience two new, very exciting special edition Toyota cars! Revealed this week – The Special Edition FJ Cruiser.

As the FJ Cruiser enters its final year of production, Toyota offers the commemorative FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition. Building on the go-anywhere, off-road spirit of the vehicle – which was first introduced as a concept in 2003 – this special edition offers unique styling cues and is available in a choice of manual or automatic transmissions.

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Toyota is serious when it comes to your family’s safety. We introduce to you to the renowned Star Safety System Toyota offers on each and every one of its vehicles and the Anti-Lock Braking System.

When a wheel loses traction, a vehicle is hard to control – and that’s why the Anti-Lock Braking System was created. Most, if not all, vehicles now come equipped with ABS but do you know how they work?ABS uses magnetic wheel-speed sensors and a computer to monitor all four wheels of a moving vehicle. Read More →


Nancy Asks: How should I store my winter tires? Can I put them in my garage or backyard for the season?

We wouldn’t suggest it. Oils from the rubber will dry out with exposure to the summer sun and atmosphere, this can shorten the life of the tire. If your tires are on wheels, rims can also suffer from exposure too. Tires are engineered to handle daily exposure to heat, UV rays and whatever else nature throws our way, but when not in use it is simple to can extend the life of your tires.

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Carol Asks: What is my Tire Pressure Monitoring System and how does it work?

Tire pressure is important for the safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Under-inflated tires cause over 200,000 accidents per year and the majority of roadside assistance calls are related to leaking or under-inflation. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system that keeps tabs on your tire’s pressure and warns you if the pressure in the tire falls below a permitted level, a handy feature if you don’t check as often as you should.

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