The 2016 Prius just made its world premiere in Las Vegas! The same vehicle that forged the way in the hybrid category just disrupted the status quo again. The brand-new 4th generation Prius made its debut as the star of its own spectacular evening production of music, food and special effects, celebrating this industry icon.

After almost 20 of shaping the world’s view on alternative energy vehicles, and more than 3.5 million global sales, Prius is setting out to change the globe again. Today’s buyers expect environmental credentials and the new Prius delivers. The smaller, lighter hybrid system components, higher-energy density in the batteries, and an internal combustion engine touting ground breaking thermal efficiency, together create a significant advancement in fuel economy in the Prius.

But it isn’t all about fuel efficiency. Customers today want all the benefits of a hybrid vehicle and don’t want to compromise on style or performance. Toyota has upgraded the Prius inside and out; it delivers the complete package with great styling, smart technology and impressive fuel efficiency, all in a vehicle that’s more fun than ever to drive!2016_Toyota_Prius_003

“As we launch the new Prius, this ambassador for the future moves beyond the rational advantages of hybrid power – to engage Canadians with bold styling and driving fun,” said Larry Hutchinson, Vice President at Toyota Canada Inc. “The 2016 Prius is ready to invite more Canadians to become hybrid drivers, with its impressive looks and dynamic handling – even as it continues to deliver remarkable fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility.”


The Prius’ exterior has been entirely reimagined! Stay tuned for more exciting news about the 2016 Toyota Prius!


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