TOYOTA CANADA INC. - Toyota unveils FV2 concept car at CIAS

Embodying Toyota’s vision for the future of transportation the FV2 concept car has a more developed connection between vehicle and driver than ever.

“The FV2 is a concept car that connects with people through the body and the heart,” said Seiji Ichii, President and CEO, Toyota Canada Inc. “It proposes a form of personal mobility that will serve a major role in Toyota’s vision for the future of mobility, designed for the digital generation of connected consumers.”

TOYOTA CANADA INC. - Toyota unveils FV2 concept car at CIAS

Through an augmented reality windshield display, and incorporating emerging technology, the FV2 and its driver are always in sync. The driver’s body shifting left to right will operate the vehicle and intelligent voice and image recognition are used to determine the driver’s mood and well being, and adjusts the driving experience accordingly.  Amazing transport system technologies can connect with other vehicles in the surrounding area and will provide a wide variety of traffic and safety information.

The FV2 is nothing less than the future of personal transportation and was the featured attraction at the Canadian International Auto Show last week!

image courtesy 0f Toyota Canada 

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