NHassler_C-HR_14Young, creative, urban customers told Toyota, “Polarizing is okay – Boring is not.” And Toyota’s designers took that to heart in a big way when they set out to create the brand’s newest concept vehicle. The C-HR Concept is a high-style vehicle that combines a compact size with a high ride height. Canadian drivers got the chance to take their first look C-HR as Toyota brings it to Québec City later this month March.

“Originally introduced as a Scion concept vehicle, we have already announced that a production model of the C-HR is coming this year – and since we know it will have widespread appeal, we will brand it as a Toyota. We’re delighted to give Canadian drivers their first look at the Toyota C-HR concept at the Salon international de l’auto de Québec,” said Cyril Dimitris, Vice President, Toyota Canada Inc. “With a compelling combination of driving dynamics and functionality, we’re confident that the C-HR will become an iconic vehicle in the Toyota line-up.”


The Toyota C-HR concept embraces the idea that young, creative types and trendsetters like to do things a little differently from the average Joe. This makes C-HR the perfect vehicle for the contemporary urbanites who inspired the design. The Toyota C-HR highlights great design in a distinguished form and breaks away from the traditional compact SUV style.


Taking inspiration from a diamond with sheered sides, the C-HR’s cabin is like a meticulously cut gem. Graphite black accents on the grille, rear bumper, fender flares, and lower side panels all mirror the powerful stance of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the all piano-black roof improves the C-HR’s sleek and stylish profile.

Beneath the fascinating design of the C-HR is a platform featuring Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA). TNGA is a state-of-the-art and integrated approach to creating new platforms and powertrains for Toyota – resulting in a lower centre of gravity, increased body rigidity, improved handling, and a more comfortable ride experience.

What do you think of the new C-HR Concept? Would this unique concept be your perfect Toyota vehicle?

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